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About us

Bersama is an online store for home accessories, decorative and gift ideas.

Our product range has been curated from high-quality items from around the world. All of our products are hand-picked and carefully selected for you.

The word 'bersama' is Indonesian for 'together' and is meant as a hat tip to Bersama’s founders, who launched the project together but also to point out Bersama’s Asian/global product focus.

Our product range covers many different countries and continents and is growing steadily, with the aim to bring beautiful products and inspiration from around the world into your homes.

We believe in fair trade, eco-friendly and sustainable products from ethically responsible sources and this will be reflected in our product range. 

We try to help support the livelihoods of people in rural and often disadvantaged parts of the world with the help of our product purchases.

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